Vermeer’s Dairy

Location: Canada
Barnfloor Grooving in new barn and existing barn. New barn we straight grooved all alleys of freestall barn. Diamond cut all cross walks and 10’ out from cross walks. Straight cut grooves in breezeway of new barn to existing barn. All concrete was grooved in new freestall barn. Existing barn we diagonal grooved the maternity area, hoof trimming area and diamond cut all crosswalks as well as diagonal cut breezeway in existing barn.
Preexisting Concrete Surface
  • Boat Floated
  • New
Areas Grooved
  • Breezeway
  • Cross Walks
  • Free Stall Barn
  • Hoof Trimming Area
  • Maternity Pen
  • New Barn
Grooved With
  • Diagonal
  • Diamond Pattern
  • Straight