Concrete Barn Grooving for Slip Resistant Floors

Groove Patterns in Concrete for Cow Safety

Straight Concrete Grooves

Straight grooves are typically used with the traffic flow. Such as in alleys, breezeways, outdoor walkways from the barn to the parlor, outdoor yards. The straight grooves will help as the cows are walking with the groove from slipping and splitting out. Another area for straight grooves is large open areas such as cow yards. Straight grooves will help the cows from slipping in these areas. the straight grooves will catch their hoof before it splits. Remember cut in grooves have the straight side from top to bottom so the hoof catches the groove, whereas floated in grooves have a little radius towards the top that might allow the hoof to pop out.

straight concrete grooves in barn floor

Diagonal Concrete Grooves

Diagonal grooves are used in a few different situations. The most common situation would be in alleys with existing straight grooves, here we go diagonally across the existing grooves which actually gives you a diamond pattern. In some cases, it helps the existing straight grooves to be more effective. Diagonal grooves are also used to go across stamped stone patterns. With the stamp stone pattern, it is to difficult to use straight grooves. Another use for diagonal grooves is when you get areas that are pitched or sloped and the cows need the grooves for traction. A good example of this is in a holding area that has straight grooves going up the parlor but has a pitch that makes it difficult for the cows to get tractions. Diagonal grooves work perfectly on crosswalks where they are turning from alley to alley.

Diagonal concrete grooves in barn floor

Diamond Pattern Concrete Grooves

The diamond pattern is the most effective, it consists of straight grooves and diagonal grooves or otherwise known as a double cut. With the diamond pattern, the cows get traction in any direction which works well where they are doing a lot of pushing. We recommend the diamond pattern in high traffic areas, around corners, in front of doorways, and when pen breeding with a bull.

diamond pattern concrete grooves in barn floor

Tractor Tread Pattern Concrete Grooving

The Tractor tread pattern (herring bone pattern) is where we start at the middle of the area and groove diagonally to left and then to the right, mostly on steeper walkways so the cows get more traction on the steeper walkway. Each farm facility has its own situation. We look at each situation, like traffic flow, the slope of the area, and area animal capacity, then we discuss our recommendation on which pattern is best and most cost-effective for the situation with our client.

herring bone concrete grooves in barn floor