Stop Cows from Doing the Splits

Cow Comfort, Safety, and Happiness

We know all too well that farmers face many challenges on a daily basis that need their attention and one of the biggest is the cows slipping and splitting out, as well as lameness due to discomfort. Whether it is older concrete with existing methods that are not effective or new concrete that has been poured and “floated”. New “floated” concrete loses its effectiveness due to the process of which they create the grooves in while concrete is still a bit wet and that leaves the grooves with a rounded edge. We have done many new construction facilities as a cut-in groove will give you a nice square 90-degree edge which will catch the hoof.

Cut grooves give cows better footing due to the 90-degree angle created, which tend to catch hooves better than a rounded edge that floated grooves and cobblestone stamping create. Grooving is a more permanent method than others, including scarifying, scabbling and acid treatments. Many of these leave an abrasive and uneven surface, which causes grinding of the hooves and feet. These methods are a temporary solution and will wear over time. They are harder to clean and may cause damage to equipment. Most important it is not very comfortable as it is not flat for the cow to stand on. Rubber mats are also a method which is very expensive and they become very slippery with time and wear, also the bacteria that can grow underneath from not being able to clean.

Grooving any concrete where cows will be walking is highly suggested, this will significantly reduce cows slipping and doing the splits, will also help with hoof care costs and lameness. It will also improve heat detection by helping cows get secure footing while riding. Improvement in milk production as the cows will feel more secure. Grooved concrete is easier to clean and doesn’t cause damage to equipment. Barn floor grooving is cost effective and more permanent solution in protecting your investment.