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Grooved Concrete on Farm

Midwest Grooving is an established business specializing in farm animal comfort and safety through the installation of square edged grooves of all livestock traffic areas. Studies show that grooved concrete is the better answer to your cattle’s footing with the sharp ninety degree angle that our grooving machine creates. Their hooves catch the sharper edge compared to the “rounded” edge made by stamping or floating in the wet concrete.

Grooved Concrete

Concrete grooving is a cost effective way to save your cows from slipping and falling or doing the splits. Grooving is the quickest and most cost effective service you can provide your cows for slipping or falling. Typically, if you lose one cow, the grooving would have paid for itself.

Midwest Grooving can groove existing concrete or newly poured concrete. We recommend a diagonal or a diamond pattern which allows for better footing in any direction of movement. If you already have grooves we can groove diagonally over them to give your cows’ better footing.

Grooving your concrete can also help for heat detection. The grooves will allow the cows to stand solid while being ridden.

dairy cowOur grooves are permanent - not like sand, scarifying or scrabbling. Sand can be an ongoing expense. Scarifying and scrabbling wear down from cleaning equipment and will need to be repeated frequently. Depending on the hardness of the concrete the grooves will last 15-20 years and sometimes longer. The smooth concrete and grooves are also better for the bottom of the cows feet compared to rough concrete.

If you’re planning a new barn or addition Midwest Grooving will work with your concrete contractor to assure your job is done in a timely manner and have the right groove pattern needed.