Meyer Farm De Su Holsteins LLC

Location: Iowa

The Meyer Farm located in New Albin Iowa milking over 1200 cows specializes in genetics.

Dean, Sue, Darin, and Dustin each with Amazing knowledge in their specialized areas provided much education on the process. They take much pride in their animal’s health and comfort. As you can imagine with cows that have such good genetics it is very important to have them safe and comfortable.

Darin contacted Midwest Grooving to come in and analyze areas of concern and come up with a cost-effective plan.

We did diagonal grooves over existing straight grooves in the alleys, breezeways, crosswalks, dry cow barn and milk parlor, we also grooved over the top of 2 yr old grooves that were not effective.

We were honored that they trusted us with their cows to take care of them as they would. Great experience with Awesome staff.

Preexisting Concrete Surface
  • Boat Floated
  • Mini Grooves
Areas Grooved
  • Breezeway
  • Cross Walks
  • Dry Cow Pens
  • Milk Parlor
  • Return Alley
Grooved With Diagonal