Golden Oaks Farm

Location: Illinois
We diagonal grooved all freestall barns that had exisitng boat floated grooves that were no longer effective. Diagnal grooved all cross walks. Straight grooved walk ways between free stall barns. Diagonal grooved all heifer barns over existing boat floated grooves. Straight grooved new concrete on feed pads as well as existing barn where show cows were housed, we diagonal grooved the show cows outside pen and added some diagonal grooves aroung the feed bunk.
Preexisting Concrete Surface
  • Boat Floated
  • New
Areas Grooved
  • Cross Walks
  • Feed Pads
  • Heffer Barn
  • Inside Walkways
  • New Barn
  • Outside Cowyard
  • Outside Walkways
Grooved With
  • Diagonal
  • Diamond Pattern
  • Straight