dave wendy paul in boat in bayou

Whittington Veterinary Clinic, Abbeville, Louisiana

Whittington Veterinary Clinic caters to Louisiana on a statewide level, the clinic focuses on large and small animals. Offering routine wellness care and emergency clinic services, in house blood work, radiographs, ultrasounds and animal surgery for large animals, horses, cows, sheep, pigs, goats, and deer. Fully equipped with animal boarding facilities make it easy for large animals to be comfortably examined and treated. Features of the facility include working pens, hydraulic flip chutes, numerous cow and horse stalls.

Dr. Paul Whittington contacted Midwest Grooving to assist with safety for these animals when they arrive sick, scared and unsure of where they are and what is happening. Without hesitation, we packed up our machines and made the 17-hour journey to Louisiana. With the stipulation of us seeing some alligators’ (joking of course).

Dr. Paul previously tried 3 different types of rubber mats. Dissatisfied with the results as the animals still had no footing and were slipping. We diamond grooved the whole facility after they removed all stall walls.

Dr. Paul and his staff were so very fun to work with as well as the after hour entertainment. Upon arriving the fun began, with music and endless fresh BBQ’d food and adult beverages we decided to shut down and since it was Halloween we should just go and have fun. Dr. Paul and some of his staff took us out to dinner where the entertainment was watching us experience raw oysters for the first time after we went to celebrate Halloween. The laughs just didn’t stop.

We told the staff that the next day they were not allowed to bother us until noon, as we did have a job to get done. The next morning, we started early so we could finish early and get packed up so the next day we could start our journey back. Well, by 10:00 am in came the boys again, they fired up the grill and once again treated us like royalty. After completing the job, we all sat around sharing drinks, stories and again many laughs. Our plan was to head out early the next morning, but Dr. Paul had other plans for us. Dr. Paul took the day off and made plans to surprise us with taking us on an adventure to see alligators. He took us to his friend’s game farm which was Amazing. There we were able to see baby alligators of which he went that morning and caught just for us to see, he then had to return them to Mamma. He also took us on a boat and we were cruising in the swamps seeing real wild alligators. This was one of the most Amazing experiences. This was way more than a job to us, we made life long friends and experience we talk about all the time. Dr. Paul went above and beyond making us feel welcome and a part of his family.

Dr. Paul called us a few days after we left as he had his first drop off of animals and with much excitement, he stated “I did NOT have one animal slip, Thank You”

Great experience and another very satisfied customer.